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Awards & Fellowships

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We believe in our intuition - and we also believe in a collaborative development process.

Currently developing short and feature films and working on stories for two different drama series.

0712 Film was founded in 2017.

We take the fundamental changes in the filmindustry as a big chance to look for new ways of how to find and create stories.


Our mainoffice is located in Zurich, Switzerland - but some members are working out of Munich and Berlin, Germany.

Together we're looking for stories.


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In Financing and Development / 100 min / Fic

Production: Catpics AG, Sarah Born (CH) & StickUp Filmproduktion, Luis Singer & Dennis Schanz (D)


Adam and Helena spend their traditional summer holidays together with friends in southern Italy by the sea.


When their son Finn collapses on his way home from the beach it is a shock for everyone involved. Although the boy is well again the next day the incident lingers and triggers an existential crisis for the parents.


Old role patterns come to light and Helena and Adam are forced to make a decision: Do they deepen their bond by being radically honest with each other or is their marriage at an end?

In Development / 8*45 Min / Drama-Series

Production: 0712 Film


"You always have to come down -and the landing is sometimes damn hard!" - MARIJA (58)


Marija is the female version and a mixture of Tom Hagen, the Consiglieri of Michael Corleone and Winston Wolf, the Pulp Fiction cleaner.

In Development / 8*45 min / Drama-Series

Production: 0712 Film


„It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million…Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain inward-looking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space.“ - Stephen Hawking, 2010

A Science-Fiction drama-series about the last days on earth - the last days before just some of us get the chance to leave this uninhabitable place forever.

Festival Run / 13 min / Fic / 2019

Production: 0712 Film


After twelve years, Matti returns to the city where his life had changed.

Just like then, he carries the revolver with him.

He‘s eager to play the game – but his companion is hesitating.

A film about unsettled men, who hesitate.

Completed / 79min / Fic / 2013

Production: dffb & StickUp Filmproduktion (D) in

Co-Production with 0712 Film

BLACK PANTHER - The story of Emilie and Jacob

A film about two siblings, Emilie and Jakob, about their deep love for each other, as well as their own happiness.


Two things that do not always coincide.


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STARSHOT - Official Trailer - 2019

BLACK PANTHER - Official Trailer - 2013


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Team / Contact

Portrait_SundG Kopie.jpg

Samuel Perriard and Gaëtan Varone met in Zurich and studied together at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin - Samuel graduated in filmdirecting, Gaëtan as a director of photography.

Their joint graduation film "BLACK PANTHER - The story of Emilie and Jacob" (79 min.) celebrated its world premiere in 2013 at the 31st Filmfest in Munich (D), the international premiere took place in 2014 at the 50th International Filmfestival in Chicago (USA) and was nominated for the First Steps Awards 2013 and the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2014 in the category "First Feature Film".

Both are Berlinale Talents participants.

In collaboration with photographers, shorter and longer videos have been produced in recent years - mainly for fashion brands such as Mykita Moncler, Hugo Boss, Coast+Weber+Ahaus, Closed and Stephan Schneider.

Together they founded 0712 Film. Soon there will be three of them - an additional screenwriter will join 0712 Film.


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+41 79 668 39 59

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